Hello!  My name is Allyson Akers and I am the maker and shaker of Smart Sexy Birth.

I discovered my passion and purpose for maternity medicine 12+ years ago and have never looked back since.
I am a doula, Registered Nurse, and BOLD Method for Birth Facilitator.
I have followed a rather windy, oh-so-not traditional path of studying lay midwifery, switching to nurse-midwifery, considering obstetrics, and finally returning home to nurse-midwifery. The profession was deep in my bones and I just couldn't resist!

I wanted to find a way to serve women while I was continuing my training so I created Smart Sexy Birth!  My hope is that it will be a center of support and camaraderie for you and your girlfriends while you traverse the waters of motherhood. 

Even after all this time studying the wild world of birth and babes, I have to say it was my own births and those that I have been blessed to witness that have taught me the most (thank you ladies!!).
Sending you all my love and blessings throughout your pregnancy, delivery, and new life as a mother.