Seven Steps To Cleaning Up Your Diet In Pregnancy: Step Five

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Step Five of Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition is:

Arm Yourself With Awesome Snacks

Take this golden rule to heart when I say don’t leave the house without some sort of healthy snack in tow! 

When I was pregnant, time and time again, I’d get to running errands around town, more time would pass than I was expecting, and before I knew it I was reallllllly hungry.

And we all know there is nothing uglier than a starving pregnant lady. 

So don't learn this lesson the hard way like me and make sure you’ve got some healthy options on hand! It will not only help keep you a happy camper but it will also keep that junk food from creeping in and cramping your clean eating style, especially around 4 oclock. 

If you find you are getting really shaky in between meals then you need to up your protein and fat at meals.  Everyone always thinks it’s the carbs but it’s the protein that will help stabilize your sugar. 

Use the list that I’ve made for you below for some ideas and inspiration AND if you come up with some more, please share them over on the comments section, because we’d love to know!


-Hummus (or any other bean dip) + carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers

-Nuts (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, the sky is the limit)

-Nut butter + apple, carrot, celery, toast

-Cheese + nuts, chicken pieces, toast


-Toast +

egg salad

fried egg

boiled egg + salt and pepper

scrambled egg


hummus +avacado



cheese + jam

cream cheese

cream cheese + jam

cream cheese + strawberries….or any fruit!

cream cheese + smoked salmon

nut butter

nut butter + bananas

nut butter + strawberries….any berries or fruit!

mayo + real turkey slices or chicken

mayo + tomato slice and basil

mayo + cucumber with salt and pepper


-Plain yogurt

-Plain yogurt + any fruit under the sun

-Cottage Cheese

-Fruit (be conservative with dry fruit, it can be a hefty sugar load)

-Fresh smoothie made with whole milk, buttermilk (my personal fav), almond, etc. and REAL fruit.

-Popcorn with coconut oil, butter, or drizzled chocolate.  Y.U.M.

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