Seven Steps To Cleaning Up Your Diet In Pregnancy: Step Seven

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Ok moving on to our last step!

Step Seven: Treat Yourself Right

Did you really think I was gonna sit here and tell a pregnant lady to never eat sweets again?! Hell no!

One of the great pleasures of life is to indulge.  But today we make indulgence an after every meal kind of thing and in a way that takes the specialness out of it, don't you think? 

It use to be that pie and ice cream was for Sunday afternoons gathered around with your family and friends. Or, around where I’m from, kids saved up their money so they could go down to the local soda shop on a Friday after school and have their soda pop and peanuts.  It was something very special, almost sacred. 

So I say: life is too damn short not to have dessert, but do it selectively.

And when you do it, go for the real deal.

And that’s what I mean when I say treat yourself right.

Don’t waste your time with the cheap stuff…because what do I always say?

You’re not cheap so don’t eat like ya are!

You are worth way more than a snickers bar.  I mean its not even real chocolate for heavens sake!

Think pure, quality, ingredients. 

The other little trick is to think creams not cakes. Why? Well what do you have with cakes and cookies? You’ve got this duo of processed flour and processed sugar, both of which pull a double whamy and jack around with your insulin levels.  Whacked out insulin levels is what causes the excessive weight gain and metabolic disorders like gestational diabetes to set in.  But with creams, yes you do have the sugar, but on the other side you also got these rich, satiating, fats, full of essential nutrients for you and your baby.

So when it comes to desserts I like to say: get French.

Think puddings, sweet creams, flans, ice cream. 

If cows milk is not your thing, coconut cream will be your best friend.  It makes darn good vegan ice cream.

This doesn’t mean you skip cake at the baby shower, by god eat the cake if you want to, but just be selective about the floured desserts more often than not.

Other great options are fruit.  A bowl of cut up strawberries, sweated with some sugar, and drizzled in heavy cream hits the spot any old day. 

And then there is chocolate!  Thanks be to god that chocolate is a real food. Full of magnesium and calcium, antioxidants, the darker the better. 

You’ll see in your fun sheet some tips on picking out the good stuff.

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Bottom line have fun with it.  Make a ritual out of it.  Pick a day to have a fun outing with the hubs, family or girlfriends and go explore your local eateries and restaurants. Have people over to share in something you make at home or you know what, screw the people, make it for yourself! Sit down, just you and your baby, and enjoy every guiltless, sexy, silky bite on your own. 

Whatever you do, bring joy and pleasure back to the table, because that is just an important part of a healthy life as it is getting your veggies in.  Send guilt and shame back to where they came from.

Okay so that’s it! That is the seven steps to Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition!  Not rocket science is it? 

We love to get allllll dramatic about healthy eating here in the states and make it out to be some great monumental feat but in reality its just little things done here and there that make all the difference in the world.

Remember if you take care of your body it will take care of you. Be easy on yourself and, most importantly: have a hell of a lot of fun!

All my love to you and your new budding family.


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