Seven Steps To Cleaning Up Your Diet In Pregnancy: Step Three

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Ok, so by now you have cleaned out your fridge, made some switches in your shopping and have got yourself surrounded with good food, lets talk about some ways to get it on your plate. 

One of the most simple ways to amplify your meals is to,

Step Three: Switch Out The Sammie.

So lets get real.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a sandwich, bag a potato chips and an ice cold coke on a hot summer afternoon, its about as American as you can get. However, as an every day endeavor it quickly becomes the major monster in destroying your road to perfect pregnancy nutrition.

Because what is it? It’s a meal with the main show down being two big ol' slices of processed bread, processed meats full of preservatives, added sugars, very little veg, and basically very little nutritional value. 

Great for special treats every once in a blue moon, not great for everyday.

So instead of a sammie at lunch I want you to think soups, salads, entrée type meals like fish and veggies, chicken and veggies, steak and veggies.

Whatever it is, you want your plate to consist of a protein source, some veg, and some fat. 

And remember that fat part is critical because it is going to help you absorb all those vitamins you are chowing down on.  So don’t be afraid to pat your veggies with some butter or olive oil.  Don’t be afraid of salads with cheese or creamy dressings.  Don’t be afraid of eating the chicken with the skin. 

If you want some carbs keep it simple and fibrous with whole grains: rice, legumes, etc. 

This is where packing your lunch can make a big difference however it can still be achieved eating out….because, we’ve all been there, sometimes packing your lunch just doesn’t happen. 

The only exception to that statement is that it WILL NOT happen in the fast food lane. 

It is very difficult to find food worth eating in the drive thru. Even the salads are sketchy. 

They blow that stuff with so many chemicals to keep it from browning, most people don’t get salads in the drive thru so you have no idea how long its been there, it’s really just best to avoid it as much as possible. 

Instead, try to seek out what I call walk thru fast food places.

Places like the Qdobas, Chipotles, and the Zoes and any other place that you have to go into and stand in line that are more in tune with the real food idea. 

Now is this food going to be the best of the best? Probably not, they love to sneak in tons of added sugars in those places, but it’s gonna be a heck of a lot better than a mystery burger and some greasy French fries. 

If you are lucky enough to live in places that have got the whole food truck thing going on or places with lots of fun, fresh, gourmet eateries, count yourself a lucky girl and utilize them!

The point is you are focusing on switching out the sammie.

Now, if you are going to tell me you don’t have time to stand in line and a drive thru is faster, then you need to pack your lunch, no excuses. 

Because the gosh darn truth is, if you never have time to pack your lunch the night before, you probably don’t have time to have a baby. 

Tough love I know but consider it training for your future lunch box packing days. :)


Plan lunch for the next 3 days. Will you pack your lunch or will you eat out? What seems yummy and something you would enjoy that isn't a sandwich? Share your favorite non-sandwich meals below in the comments!

Tomorrow we move into Step Four: Nutrifying What Ya Got; tips on how to build up a nutrient dense meal. See ya then!