A Healthy Pregnancy Diet: Part Three

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I've said it before, I'll say it again, a healthy baby and mama all start with the foods on your plate! So lets continue on and hatch out Part Three of the 5 Core Essentials to a healthy pregnancy diet.

In case you missed the first two, catch up on Part One here and Part Two here.  


When you eat protein, your body takes it and transforms it into amino acids.  We say that cells are the building blocks of life, well amino acids are the building blocks of cells! 

Every square inch of that cute little babe in there is made from protein.  So if we want our kids to have good strong cells, we need to get good strong protein.

Most of us think of meat when it comes to protein sources, but there are also many plant-based sources as well.  I give an extensive list on one of the fun sheets you can download for free over here (password: bodaciousbabes) but some examples are avacados, beans, nuts, and wild rice.

The key to plant-based protein is food combining.  We will get into the details of food combining in a later post but just know that animal products are what we would call "perfect proteins" because they contain all the amino acids.  Plant-based sources, however, are not perfect proteins by themselves.  Hence the ol' rice and beans combo is there for a reason!  


As we all know calcium is a major player in bone formation, but it also is a key player in a good working heart for your baby.

If you don’t have enough reserve of calcium, the placenta is gonna start sucking it from your own bones.  If you keep slacking on the calcium and continue having kids you can probably bank on osteoporosis sooner rather than later.

In an interesting twist if you breastfeed there is evidence that you will actually make your bones stronger….even more stronger than before you got pregnant!  Kinda cool to think.

We still don’t know all the things that calcium does, but we do know that normal adults usually absorb about 20 % of calcium from their diets- because that’s all we really need. 

Pregnant chics absorb 60% in the second tri and up to 70% in the third!!

So obviously your body knows it’s useful for something!

It has been ingrained in our heads to think of milk whenever we think of calcium but we actually don't absorb the vitamin that well through milk.  Single best resource is the abundance of leafy greens out there.  Think collard greens, mustard greens, swiss chard, spinach, kale, etc.

So, what can you do today to get your protein and calcium in?  Share your ideas below!  

See ya in Part Four tomorrow for the finale!

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