A Healthy Pregnancy Diet: Part Two

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Continuing on in our four part series (catch the first one here), we are talking the 5 core essential nutrients for a healthy and vibrant pregnancy.

Vitamin D

Most of us know vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin, right?

So what does Mr. D do?

Well, all that calcium you’re munching on cannot be absorbed without good ol' Mr. D.

No vitamin D equals no calcium absorption.

Another cool thing to know is the only way your baby can absorb the calcium found in your breast milk or formula is by getting enough vitamin D in utero.

“The only way your baby can absorb the calcium found in your breast milk or formula is by getting enough vitamin D in utero.”

Crazy pants right?

If you don’t pass on enough while baby is growing in your belly, he can possibly come out deficient in vitamin D which can mean:

  • Low birth weight.

  • Poor growth

  • Bone fragility

  • AND they have even found that babies born deficient in vitamin D have a higher incidence of immune diseases.

On the pregnancy side we have found that women deficient in vitamin D have a higher chance of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and higher incidences of postpartum depression.

It has become more and more prevalent that kids are coming out low in D that if you breastfeed or partially breastfeed you will probably find your pediatrician recommending you to give your baby a vitamin D supplementation during his infancy.  (Formula is fortified with D so it’s not necessary to supplement.)

But here is the thing: if our babies are low in vit. D it means our mamas are low, and we need to be taking care of them too.  If we get our mothers levels up, our babies levels will be up naturally, plus our mothers health will be better off for it!  It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

So why are we not addressing it yet in pregnancy? Well long story short, the obstetrical world recognizes that the problem exists but they can’t come to an agreement on how to go about it.  How do we test?  Do we make it standard for everyone?  How do we treat it, etc.

The pediatric side seems to be a little bit more organized.  Sooooo while we wait for the medical community to get with it, we are just gonna have to take matters into our own hands!

There are a few food sources that provide ample Vit. D, but the single best way to get it is to get your butt outside and get some unprotected sun and fresh air.  Good for your health, good for your soul. 

You gotta skip the sunscreen though.  It keeps the D out. About 20 minutes will do for fair skinned gals and about 30-40 minutes for darker skinned mamas.

Go out and get your Vit. D today!

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