Clean eatin’ for a rockin’ bump.

Get healthy. A FREE complete guide to pregnancy nutrition.

You’re pregnant! Yay! It brings a whole new lease on life doesn’t it? Like you, when I was newly pregnant, I became even more excited and inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle.  As much as I can geek out and get down and dirty with the itty bitty details of research, sometimes a girls just gotta eat and move on with her life. Am I right?

As a nurse, future midwife, and a mother myself, I know a simple healthy eating map is not just something we mamas want, but also something we need. Prenatal nutrition education is less than impressive, or not even covered! AND YET, I witness time and time again that our diet and lifestyle have the heaviest influence on shaping our pregnancy experience, our birth, our baby, and our recovery postpartum.

Taking all the most up to date research and condensing it down, I created an easy, straightforward, step-by-step guide to pregnancy nutrition.

In this class you will learn:

  • What exactly to eat.

  • What not to eat (and it might not be what you think it is!).

  • How to identify if you are getting enough of the right essential nutrients + a handy tool to help yourself keep track.

  • How to tell if you are gaining the right amount of weight. Too little? Too much?

  • Finally, HOW to incorporate healthier choices in your diet without having to become a gourmet chef making superfood smoothie bowls with 500 ingredients. Just sayin’!

It’s easy to get started!  Just input your email below, go to your inbox to grab link and password, and a happy eating you go!  You will have access to the course videos and content for as long as I am alive (I’m still kickin’!), and will be able to download PDF tools and fun sheets for keeps.

Common questions:

Is this guide adaptable for vegetarians and vegans?  No, this class is designed for the omnivore.

Is this guide going to sell me on some crazy fad diet?  NO. Healthy eating is not paleo, keto, or any o. You will learn seven steps to healthy eating that have stood the test of time.

No gimmicks, no trying to sell you stuff at the end.  This is my heart project. And you know what the best part is? This will not only guide you to eat well in pregnancy. The principles you learn here will also be the guiding force to losing the baby weight and even the same guide that you will use to facilitate a healthy diet for your child as he or she grows up.

Good nutrition is not difficult.  It is not pain and starvation. It is vibrance and joy.

Get started and rock that bump!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here.