A mother who feels nourished, supported and free; inside and out, is a mother who changes the world. We help you be that mother.

Birthing a baby is a wild ride isn’t it?

You stand with this new life growing inside you, sometimes planned, sometimes not.

And out before you are these unchartered waters that can both ignite and terrify all at the same time.

All these uncertainties of how it’s going to be, how am I going to do it all, is it even possible, is it even right?

These are the woes of the modern woman shared by us all.

We use to be a generation of women frustrated by a lack of choice.  Now we are a generation of women frustrated by a plethora of choices!


All the answers you are looking for are within.

It’s not about what your mama did, or what I did, or what your bff did.

It’s about what you do.  

Motherhood is not about losing yourself.  It’s about finding yourself.  And connecting to that self deeper than you ever have before.  

When you birth, when you mother, when you work, when you live and breathe from a place that makes you feel fully alive, you have given yourself, your family, and humanity the greatest possible gift.

It creates magic.  It creates peace.  It creates a profoundly awesome world.

And that is what Smart Sexy Birth is here for.  To help you find that place of fully aliveness in mind, in body, in soul.  To talk birth and motherhood.  To talk the concrete and the ethereal. To talk the wisdom of our past, the tears of our present, and the light of our future.

When we care for our mothers, we care for our families.  When we care for our families, we care for our society.  And when we care for our society we care for our humanity.

You are the bedrock of it all.

I couldn’t be more proud to stand with you.

Lets blaze this trail chica.

Welcome to Smart Sexy Birth.